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Microsoft's first Canadian retail store opening on November 16th in Toronto

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Microsoft says it plans to open a retail store in Canada on November 16th.

Microsoft Store stock
Microsoft Store stock

Microsoft says it will open its first retail store in Canada on November 16th. Located at the Yorkdale Centre in Toronto, the new store is one of the first international stores planned for Microsoft's retail expansion. The company has previously revealed plans for a store in Puerto Rico and holiday pop-up stores elsewhere, and we're also hearing that London will join the mix in March 2013 too.

The software maker currently has 23 stores open in the US, with plans to have a total of 44 retail stores in place by June of 2013. The stores offer all of Microsoft's software and hardware, and also feature the company's Signature PC devices — laptops and desktops with a vanilla copy of Windows pre-installed and no traditional OEM customization or additional software.