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Play this: 'Super Hexagon'

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Super Hexagon, Terry Cavanagh's first iOS release.


Super Hexagon is the latest game from Terry Cavanagh, creator of the sadistic VVVVVV and somewhat friendlier CatLife: ChatChat. As a triangle cast into an unforgiving world, you must defend against attacks from all sides. Six of them, in fact, as you're restricted to moving around the corners of a hexagon, at least at first — we won't spoil the other shapes that come up.

It's an expansion of an earlier free Flash game, but Super Hexagon works perfectly as an iOS release. The stark style and chiptune music fit the minimalist two-button gameplay to a tee, and since it's definitely towards the sadistic end of Terry Cavanagh's oeuvre it's worth firing up even if you only have a spare ten seconds to kill. Or be killed, as the case very likely will be. Super Hexagon is a universal app for both iPhone and iPad and is currently on sale for a launch price of $0.99.