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Play Monopoly as Alan Turing did with new special edition board

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A special Alan Turing edition of Monopoly will be available in November, based on a hand-drawn board that he had used in the 1950s.

alan turing monopoly
alan turing monopoly

When Alan Turing wasn't busy contributing to the fields of computing and artificial intelligence, the famed mathematician enjoyed an occasional game of Monopoly — even going to the point of playing on a hand-drawn board made by friend William Newman. With the official Alan Turing edition of Monopoly, players can experience the game as he did with a board designed after the original hand-drawn version.

This isn't just a simple reskin either: the game will include never-before-seen photos of Turing, huts and blocks instead of hotels and homes, the board's back story, and even Newman's original rules. The Alan Turing Monopoly game can be pre-ordered now for £29.99 (about $48) with deliveries expected to begin in November. All proceeds of the sales will go toward Bletchley Park, and Google — which celebrated Turing's birthday with an interactive doodle — has already purchased the first 1,000 units as a donation to the Bletchley Park Trust.