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iOS Do Not Disturb mode fails to turn off for some on New Year's Day

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iOS Do Not Disturb
iOS Do Not Disturb

Like clockwork, Apple's iOS devices are experiencing another time-related bug on New Year's Day. A new Do Not Disturb feature in IOS 6 is failing to disable itself for some today, leaving calls and notifications muted for longer than usual. Not everyone is affected, but one of our own iPads with the scheduled Do Not Disturb feature enabled has failed to turn off at the normal time.

The Do Not Disturb feature doesn't disable the alarm clock alert on iOS, so users won't experience the same clock issues as 2012 and 2011. Simply manually disabling Do Not Disturb will bring calls and notifications back to life. Hopefully this is only a minor temporary glitch for the first day of 2013, but if you're wondering why your iOS device is unusually quiet today then check the Do Not Disturb option to ensure you receive all those Happy New Year messages.

Update: In a case of awkward timing, Apple's just released a new ad for the iPhone that features — of all things — Do Not Disturb mode. See it below.