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Reddit served 37 billion pageviews last year, President Obama's AMA was most popular post

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President Obama AMA
President Obama AMA

The internet's favorite social sharing community, Reddit, released its year-end stats for 2012 this week, revealing that it served an impressive 37 billion pageviews and had 400 million unique visitors during the year. The site claims that there were 30 million posts added in 2012, and users voted for their favorites four billion times and added 260 million comments to the discussion. The most popular post was President Obama's AMA, which had almost 5.6 million views — more than double that of any other post on the site. Reddit's massive popularity and growth is no surprise: some quick math shows that it averaged over three billion pageviews each month in 2012, a 50 percent uptick from the two billion it reported for the month of December, 2011. Chances are its popularity will only continue to grow in 2013, as more and more mainstream personalities use the site to connect with their audiences or push an agenda.

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