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Apple Store in Paris hit by New Year's Eve robbery

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Apple Store Opera Paris
Apple Store Opera Paris

Yesterday, while Parisians were celebrating the new year, armed robbers broke into an Apple Store and made off with an estimated €1 million (about $1.32 million) in goods, according to initial claims. The Telegraph reports that the thieves broke through the back entrance to the store, located behind the Paris Opera and near the Galeries Lafayette department store, at about 9PM local time — three hours after the store closed for the evening. By 9:40, four or five men had removed boxes of merchandise into a truck parked nearby. Details are still coming in, but a janitor was said to be "lightly injured," and a police department spokesperson has told The Wall Street Journal that "an inventory is taking place to determine the exact amount of the damage." Apple's merchandise has long been a target for thieves: most recently, robbers attempted (and failed) to steal about $1.5 million in iPad minis from JFK airport.