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LG finally puts 55-inch OLED television on sale in Korea, pre-orders ship February for $10,000

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LG OLED tv stock press
LG OLED tv stock press

One year ago today, LG unveiled a gorgeous 55-inch OLED television set — just four millimeters thick — and now the company has announced that the TV will ship next month in its home country of South Korea. While we originally expected to see the television in May for roughly $8,000, or at least globally sometime before the end of 2012, the new reality is that pre-orders will only begin in Korea on January 2nd, the television will begin to ship in February, and the new price is 11 million won, or roughly $10,000 in United States currency. Needless to say, early adoption isn't cheap. Of course, LG isn't the only firm that promised a 55-inch OLED set by now. Samsung, which actually went so far as to pursue legal action against LG for allegedly stealing OLED technology, also has a 55-inch TV set in development.

Hyunhu Jang contributed to this report.