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Is Apple testing a new iPhone right now?

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iphone 5 luxuriating stock 1020
iphone 5 luxuriating stock 1020

There's very little doubt that Apple is developing a new iPhone, and a new version of iOS, but today The Next Web claims to have seen the very first sketchy evidence of Apple's next handset and mobile operating system. According to the publication, one iOS developer discovered that a device named "iPhone 6,1" running iOS 7 was making requests from an IP address within Apple's Cupertino campus itself.

Now would be a good time to test a new iPhone

Now, it could be that the company that promised to "double down on secrecy" is merely toying with us by pretending to have a new iPhone, or it could be that someone spoofed an Apple IP address and the iPhone and iOS identifiers for fun. Or, it could simply be the honest truth that Apple's next iPhone is being actively tested right now. The company puts out new devices like clockwork every year. And in 2010, when Apple invited journalists inside its antenna labs, we learned that new designs are tested years before they're shown to the public.