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Nexus 7 dock will be priced at $39.99 in US, to ship within two weeks (update)

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Nexus 7 Dock
Nexus 7 Dock

Six months after the Nexus 7 came to market, Asus is finally getting around to releasing a dock for the device. The Verge has learned through a reliable source that the company plans to ship the official accessory within two weeks for $39.99 here in the US. In the UK, Asus will sell the dock for £24.99. New York City retailer B&H was the first to let the US price slip on its website.

Recently we had a chance to preview the plastic base station, which includes a mini USB port, 3.5mm audio-out jack, and well, that's it. And yes, when it comes to charging your tablet and playing music through external speakers, it will suit your needs just fine. As for just what took so long to release the dock — after it and other Nexus 7 accessories originally leaked way back in July — Asus isn't saying.

Update: Asus originally reported an erroneous price to other outlets, and has since clarified that it plans to sell the Nexus 7 dock to UK customers for a much more sensible £24.99. The article has been edited to reflect that change.