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Twitter taps stars to take fans backstage at the Golden Globes

The service's evolution into a full fledged broadcast media company continues

david spade
david spade

Sure you could just watch the Golden Globes on TV this Sunday like you always do, but then you would miss all the juicy gossip going on backstage. Never fear, the second screen is here, with Twitter bringing a bevy of stars onboard to "officially" tweet all the behind the scenes goodness from the Golden Globes. Names like Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@officialJLD) and David Spade (@davidspade) will be tweeting from the red carpet, the banquet hall, the kitchen, maybe even the bathroom.

"Following along on Twitter is like having a seat at the table, being a part of the conversation with your favorite celebrities," quipped the official Twitter blog. The social network has increasingly cozied up to TV networks around big events like the presidential election and the Olympics, leading to some controversies over free speech when Twitter seemed to be protecting a big TV partner like NBC and silencing a journalist. While the Golden Globes will likely be free of controversy, it certainly highlights Twitter's increasingly close ties with Hollywood and Big Media.