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Wikimedia Foundation's travel guide site Wikivoyage set to go live on January 15th

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wikivoyage logo
wikivoyage logo

The Wikimedia Foundation's next big site — Wikivoyage — is just a few days away from its official launch. Skift reports that the foundation's new travel guide wiki will be released in full to the public on January 15th, and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said on The Colbert Report last night that the website should be arriving soon.

Wikivoyage is already live in a beta form, and if the name is at all familiar, that's because a wiki going by the same title dates back to 2006. The new site is the result of a push to bring the communities of Wikivoyage and a similar site, Wikitravel, together under a wiki run by the Wikimedia Foundation. According to information on Wikivoyage's site, the wiki is designed to provide useful information on locations, including guidance and recommendations for restuarants, lodging, nightlife, and more. The site "aims to be a complete travel guide – not just an additional resource on the side of traditional guides." We're sure for-profit competitors will be keeping an eye out for the site's launch later this month, but you can check out the wiki in its beta form right here.