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Central Standard Timing's razor-thin Kickstarter watch raises full $200,000 in under 48 hours

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worlds thinnest watch
worlds thinnest watch

Central Standard Timing's CST-01, an E Ink watch that's reasonably billed as the world's thinnest, has made its Kickstarter goal of $200,000 after less than two days. The watch went live Tuesday night, and it's already gotten around 1,600 backers, almost all of whom pledged either $99 or $129 to receive a watch when they're (theoretically) shipped in September. Of course, given how things worked out with the last big Kickstarter watch, that date could easily slip by if it keeps getting funded at this pace.

We interviewed Central Standard Timing's Dave Vondle earlier this week, where he discussed putting the project on Kickstarter. While there are still 43 days to go in the campaign and we have no idea how much momentum will ultimately build, the company initially asked for twice as much funding as Pebble, which had a $100,000 goal.