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Digg: We've doubled our users since August

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the new digg homepage
the new digg homepage

Digg has revealed in a blog post that the site has doubled its users since the relaunch in August. The company failed to decline to provide exact numbers, however, and traffic analytic sites seem to counter Digg’s claims. Data from Alexa and Quantcast suggests that traffic has been on a steady decline since the site’s launch in July, with Google Trends also indicating that interest in the site has dropped off. That doesn’t mean the site is floundering, though: Digg is starting to drive some healthy referral traffic once again.

The social news aggregation is now turning its attention to monetization. In the blog post, Digg talks about how the "Apps We Like" posts on the homepage are an effort to generate some revenue. Developers can apply to have their apps appear on the homage, with one new entry going up every week. If accepted by Digg, developers will have to pay a fee to have their app featured, with the post clearly being labelled as "Sponsored" to site visitors.