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LG's prototype Ultra HD 4K display begs to be touched

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LG UltraHD 4K multitouch display
LG UltraHD 4K multitouch display

4K displays are all the rage here at CES 2013, but the vast majority of the ones that we have seen have been traditional TV sets. In addition to all of those high-resolution TVs, LG is showing off something different. The company is demoing an 84-inch 4K Ultra HD display prototype with five-point multitouch interaction. If you ever wanted to own an iPad the size of your living room wall, this would be it.

If you ever wanted to own an iPad the size of your living room wall, this would be it

The display runs a proprietary software interface built on Windows, but with a number of custom-built demos to show off the touchscreen functionality. LG's demo apps let you pan and zoom around a virtual library —not unlike how Photo Spheres work on Android 4.2 — as well as read massive ebooks and paint and draw on canvasses. It's possible to zoom in on an image without losing color fidelity and quality, provided the source image has enough resolution, of course.

In our brief tests, the screen was remarkably responsive, it registered more than one touch with ease and pinch-zoomed without any stuttering. Flipping through pages on the massive ebook app wasn't the smoothest we had ever seen, but given it's early development status, we'll hold out hope that it will be ironed out before the display hits the market. LG's not announcing any release or pricing information for the display — at this point it is purely a prototype — but it will likely end up being used for commercial applications and interactive informational displays. We wouldn't mind using it to impersonate John Madden and his Telestrator during Monday Night Football, though.