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Will Jacob J. Lew's illegible signature make it to the dollar bill?

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Jacob J. Lew, the current White House Chief of Staff, made headlines in 2011 after a document with his insane, curly signature was discovered by David Wessel of the WSJ. Now, the US dollar bill could get a lot more squiggly, thanks to one of the perks of Lew's new nomination as Treasury Secretary of the United States: having his signature grace every dollar bill printed while he's in office.


It reminds us of a Hostess CupCake

The New York Times went into detail on Lew's signature and provided some analysis and a few scans of the different variations of his illegible scribbles. While Lew's confirmation as Treasury Secretary is bound to happen soon, his signature may still not make it to the dollar — Timothy Geithner, the current Treasury Secretary, decided to change his signature to be more legible before adding it to the greenback. Here's hoping Lew doesn't do the same.