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Broadcom to bring Ultra HD content into homes with its new ARM-based video decoder

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Broadcom logo
Broadcom logo

At CES, Broadcom announced its new ARM-based Ultra HD video decoder, which will be able to handle 4K content using the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard. HEVC, otherwise known as H.265, allows content to be delivered at 4K resolution or at 1080p while using about half the data. Broadcom's BCM7445 quad-core processor is one of the first of its kind, though more are surely in production and on their way as Ultra HD televisions enter the market — and if the CES show floor is any indication, 4K is coming in a big way. Broadcom is sending samples its new chip to select customers now, and expects to be shipping the BCM7445 in volume in the middle of 2014.