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Nintendo working on a Wii U Virtual Console for classic gaming

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Nintendo Wii U GamePad (875px)
Nintendo Wii U GamePad (875px)

One of the most popular features of the original Wii was the Virtual Console, allowing gamers to download classic games across Nintendo’s expansive catalogue. The gaming company has now confirmed to Polygon that the development of a Virtual Console for the Wii U is also underway. A Nintendo representative declined to give a specific timeline, but did confirm that users would be able to play titles using "the Wii U GamePad alone." Right now, owners can transfer the Wii Virtual Console along with their purchased games using the inbuilt file transfer process, but games then have to be played using an old Wii Remote. The development of a native Virtual Console for the Wii U along with support for the GamePad should make the overall experience much more enjoyable.