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Westinghouse's $300,000, custom-made 110-inch 4K TV isn't for everyone

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Westinghouse QX110
Westinghouse QX110

Westinghouse showed up at CES this year with a bit of a surprise: a 110-inch Ultra High-Definition television. We met up with the company here at the Las Vegas Hotel (don't ask us how they managed to roll the set into a suite) to get a look at this monster of a television for ourselves. After stepping into the room, the TV completely overwhelmed us. However, unlike nearly every other massive TV we've seen out there, the QX110 was not disappointing to look at. While 1080p doesn't suit a gigantic TV very well, 4K does fill out the display with enough pixels to make a pleasurable viewing experience. However, the model we saw had some other issues to speak of. A large, dark band went down the center the screen, and colors did appear to be slightly washed out. We were assured that these issues were only present on this prototype unit, and the company claims the TV uses the same display from ChinaStar as Samsung's 84-inch 4K TV. The TV's body showed its early stage: the back isn't covered in any way, and light leaked out of the rear. Still, Westinghouse expects to sell the TV for $299,999.99 as a made-to-order product by the end of Q1.

If you're looking for a cheaper 4K alternative from Westinghouse (we can't blame you), it has also introduced 50-, 55-, and 65-inch UHD televisions here at CES. The 55-inch wasn't here, but the other two looked identical. Like all other 4K TV's we've seen, they looked great and had excellent viewing angles, though we weren't impressed with the supposed 1080p upscaling feature. It's worth noting that there are little to no extra features here: the design is spartan, to say the least, and there's no Wi-Fi or other smart TV features — though you can plug a Roku Streaming Stick into them. The three TVs will be available later this quarter for $2,499.99, $2,999.99, and $3,999.00, respectively.