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Delicious bookmarking service tries yet again with renewed focus on speed and discovery

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Social bookmarking service Delicious is not what it once was, but since getting out from under Yahoo the service has been working to restore its features and win back users. To that end, has just launched a major redesign — both visually and under-the-hood. The interface has been streamlined and is meant to match the recently-released iOS app (and forthcoming Android app) and offer easier discover of content that's been shared by the community. That comes via a new right-side widget that shows other users or content that's similar to your selected bookmark. It also pulls up a quick image and preview of the link, as well, making it easier to preview and cull any links you may have saved.

The search bar has more functionality as well, with users able to look for people and tags by using the "@" and "#" characters. There's also a new "discover" tab that shows trending content, tags, comments, and users — it's a nice page for finding more content, if you're somehow still struggling with that. Delicious said that its based on a mix of trending content and personalized recommendations based on your history.

As for the coding enhancements, Delicious says its site has been rewritten from the ground up and is supposedly 10 times faster at loading content and navigating through that new UI. The site also features responsive design, so it can scale down better for mobile phones and tablets — though we imagine dedicated Delicious users will probably opt for the mobile apps. While Delicious may have a hard right to regain relevance in a world where Twitter and Reddit are king, the new design should certainly be appreciated by its dedicated users.