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FAA will review Boeing 787 Dreamliner after latest mishap

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787 dreamliner
787 dreamliner

Bloomberg reports that the power system for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be reviewed by the Federal Aviation Administration in the wake of a fire that damaged the plane's battery pack after a flight this past January. Both the design of the plane and its manufacturing will be included in the investigation. The Dreamliner has been touted for its long list of innovative features, including its carbon fiber construction, lithium-ion batteries, and electrochromic windows that dim without the need for a shade. That said, the plane has also suffered a variety of different issues since its launch. Cracks in the cockpit window have appeared on some planes and oil has been discovered leaking from engines. Last month, several planes were grounded due to a power fault, and just this past Wednesday All Nippon Airlines of Japan had to cancel some flights because the plane's computer showed a problem with the brakes when one didn't actually exist.

Mike Sinnett, the chief engineer for the plane, told Bloomberg that all new jets have problems when they're first introduced, and that the issues with the 787 haven't been any worse than the problems Boeing encountered with its 777 plane. The FAA is expected to announce the review sometime today.

Update: It's official. The Associated Press reports that in a press conference this morning FAA administrator Michael Huerta stated the the agency will perform a comprehensive review of the 787, including its design, manufacture, and the assembly of the plane. However, Huerta cautioned that the FAA hasn't seen any data that makes it think the plane is not safe.