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Good Deal: 50 percent off Razer gaming peripherals and 10 percent off the Blade

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razer good deal
razer good deal

Following the announcement of its new gaming tablet, the Razer Edge, Razer is closing out CES this year with a sale on its popular gaming peripherals. All of the company's mice, keyboards, controllers, headsets, mouse pads, and other assorted accessories are currently 50 percent off, and even though shipping is a little steep, the deals still beat what you'll find on other sites such as Amazon. Both models of Razer's slim, 17-inch gaming laptop, the Razer Blade, are ten percent off — the older model is $200 off, and the latest version is $250 cheaper. The sale began at 12:00PM EST today and will run until the same time tomorrow, so if you've been holding out for a good price on some high-quality gaming gear, now's your chance. To receive the discount on accessories, enter BESTOFCES2013 at checkout, and the code for the Razer Blade is BESTOFCESBLADE.