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The benefits of going digital: latest Newsweek features animated cover

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Newsweek DNR
Newsweek DNR

Newsweek isn't wasting time in leveraging its new digital-only format, with the latest issue featuring a sleek animated cover page. The January 11th edition covers the current state of manned deep sea exploration, which faces an uncertain future despite James Cameron's highly-publicized voyage to the bottom of the Mariana Trench last year. Typical sources of funding from both venture capitalists and the government are drying up, with scientists increasingly being urged to let robots alone handle the deep dives.

To piece together his engaging and insightful piece, writer Tony Dokoupil spent time with legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle and also spoke to Cameron, Richard Branson, and Robert Ballard — responsible for discovering the Titanic — among others. According to Adweek, the animated cover is the work of Hawaii-area photographer Hugh Gentry, who shot high-res footage 120 feet below sea level near the coast of Oahu. His video was split into stills, which were then assembled for Newsweek's latest cover — one you won't be able to find on newsstands.