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White House politely declines Death Star petition, citing $850 quadrillion cost

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If you were one of over 30,000 individuals who requested the US government to secure funding for the construction of a Death Star in a petition, you'll have to move along and go about your business. In an official response entitled "this isn't the petition response you're looking for," the White House outlines a few reasons why the construction of a Death Star isn't a great idea for the taxpayer. The White House estimates the cost at $850 quadrillion, a figure that would expand the deficit, not reduce it.

Other reasons include the fact the administration "does not support blowing up planets," and the risk of the Death Star being exploited "by a one-man starship." While you might find the lack of enthusiasm for a US-sponsored Death Star disturbing, the prospects for a 2016 launch, as originally requested, look bleak. Still, there's always Angry Birds Star Wars, right?