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Re-learning technology after 25 years in prison

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prison phone
prison phone

Technology moves at such a fast pace that it can be easy to fall behind — so imagine what it's like for a prisoner getting out of jail after 25 years. In response to a question on Q&A site Quora, republished on Gizmodo, former prisoner Michael Santos explains what it was like to learn how to use modern tools for the first time. While he says he read about technology in prison, this didn't quite prepare him for the act of actually using it. Even common terminology proved difficult to understand. "I just asked my wife to define a browser," he writes, "and when she described it as a program that would allow me to access the Internet, I gave her a blank stare." Santos was released in August, and based on his Twitter account, it looks like he's already getting the hang of at least a few new gadgets.