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Samsung's 85-inch 'floating' 4K TV starting limited pre-order in Korea for $38,000

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Samsung's gigantic ultra high-definition TVs have finally gotten a price, at least in Korea. In a release, Samsung announced that it would soon begin a very limited pre-order for the 85-inch model, which we've previously heard will be released in March. Only 77 units appear to be available during pre-orders, which makes more sense when you see the price tag: it will sell for 40 million won, or about $37,900 US.

That price is justified partly by the TV's 4K resolution and partly by the sleek easel-like design, which lets Samsung break out the speakers into the legs while keeping the screen itself relatively thin. Nonetheless, it's higher than the number we'd tentatively heard before, which could either reflect the often cheaper cost of consumer electronics in the US or that it simply wasn't known at the time we asked. Samsung showed off two even larger 4K models at CES: a 95-inch and a 110-inch TV were both on the show floor. So far, there's no sign that they'll go on sale any time soon (or at all), but if they did, it would likely be in even more limited numbers.