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Watch this: an incredible shot-for-shot, live-action 'Toy Story' remake

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Toy Story live-action
Toy Story live-action

You may have seen Toy Story a dozen times — it's an eminently re-watchable movie — but you've never seen it like this before. Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta spent the last two years shooting a live-action, shot-for-shot remake of the entire Pixar classic, using live actors, real toys, the original movie's soundtrack, stop-action effects, and plenty of awesome puppetry. It's astonishingly detailed and accurate, using a mix of hand-made and store-bought toys and about 150 friends of the two filmmakers. It even impressed the brass at Pixar: Pauley and Perrotta were allowed to pass out DVDs of the film in front of Pixar's offices.

The team's been documenting the project for nearly its entire life on its Facebook page, sharing everything from behind-the-scenes production photos to teasers and trailers for the film. The movie had a "live" premiere on YouTube in August, but was only uploaded in full yesterday. Judging by the pace at which it's racking up views, nostalgia for our own toy-playing days is alive and well.

Thanks, Tom!