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Car smashes into Lincoln Park Apple Store, no one seriously injured (update: photos)

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halsted car apple store (Twitter RGR3)
halsted car apple store (Twitter RGR3)

Shoppers at the Lincoln Park Apple Store in Chicago got a shock this evening when a car crashed directly through the store’s front glass wall. Aside from smashing one of the wooden display tables into the wall, showering the interior of the store with glass, and scaring the hell out of the people inside, it looks like everything else is more or less OK — Twitter user RGR3 says that no one was seriously injured.

Update: Our own Chris Ziegler made his way over to Lincoln Park to survey the damage. Chicago's finest were reportedly uninterested in discussing the accident, but it's clear that the car jumped an unprotected section of the curb and blasted through the glass wall at an angle. "For some reason, the corner of the store is protected with steel barricades, but the front is not. Bad move," says Chris. There was no snow on the ground, so it's not clear how the driver managed to achieve such a spectacular loss of control.