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Google+ adds fullscreen mode to Hangouts on Air live video streams

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Google+ Hangouts on Air Stock
Google+ Hangouts on Air Stock

Those who utilize Google+ Hangouts on Air live streams will appreciate that the search company has rolled out a minor update to offer a far improved viewing experience when watching a video stream with just one presenter. Hangouts on Air will now show in a fullscreen mode by default when there's only one camera. The new view removes the smaller thumbnail image of the presenter that sat directly below the main view and was completely unnecessary when only viewing one broadcaster. Fullscreen mode will also be available as an option when more than one participant is in the Hangout, but, of course, viewers will be stuck with only one camera view at a time. Hangouts on Air were launched to all users back in May, and they've found some popularity with musicians and others as a simple way to broadcast live video.