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Inaugural 2013 app lets you live stream the beginning of President Obama's second term

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2013 Inauguration app
2013 Inauguration app

If you're unable to make the trek to Washington, DC but still want to witness President Obama's second-term swearing in, for the first time ever we can say, "there's an app for that." Obama's second inauguration, the 57th in US history, will be the first to have an official smartphone app of its own. The Presidential Inaugural Committee launched the app today for both iPhone and Android, offering features for those visiting our nation's capital for the big day as well as anyone watching from afar. If you're heading to DC, the app offers comprehensive maps covering both the parade and swearing in ceremony. Food vendors, viewing screens, and restroom locations are all laid out for quick reference, and the app helpfully distinguishes between ticketed areas and those where anyone can stand.

A live stream will kick off Monday, January 21st — just one week from today — but until then you'll find photos, videos, and other inauguration-related content. And while the design style sticks closely to previous apps we've seen from the White House and Obama's own campaigns, it turns out PIC recruited AT&T to develop Inaugural 2013. And it's likely the highest-rated app ever produced by the company, currently sitting with a five-star review average on both platforms.