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Amazon Instant Video now available for the Nintendo Wii

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Amazon Instant Video
Amazon Instant Video

Nintendo's humble Wii may now play second fiddle to the recently-launched Wii U, but that isn't stopping Amazon from bringing its Instant Video platform to the older console. The new Wii Channel just launched in the Wii Shop, costs nothing to download, and lets users rent or purchase a wide variety of content from Amazon's impressive library. Furthermore, Amazon Prime subscribers can access a fairly large catalog of free movies and shows — in short, it behaves exactly like Amazon Instant Video does on every other platform that it is available for. Of course, this version comes with the notable caveat of being standard definition only, thanks to the Wii's limited and aging hardware. Despite its limitations, the Wii can now run three of the biggest streaming video services available; Netflix and Hulu Plus have both been available for some time. While it wouldn't be our first choice as the center of our living room, it's still a nice add-on to those who want to expand the flexibility of their Wii consoles.