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'Stealth Wear' clothing line could help you hide from drones, other tracking devices

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Stealth Wear
Stealth Wear

Privacy-minded designer Adam Harvey is preparing to release a clothing collection called "Stealth Wear" with items that promise to interfere with the secretive tracking tools that are being used by law enforcement at an alarming rate. Set to debut next week in London, the line has been created using unique fabrics that inhibit such technologies and attempt to mask your location.

Take the anti-drone hoodie and anti-drone scarf, for example, which can reportedly throw off the thermal imaging commonly seen in drones thanks to a metalized material in their construction. There's also an Off Pocket pouch that immediately kills your cellphone's signal and prevents authorities or other snoopers from triangulating your position. And finally there's the XX-shirt, which "protects your heart from x-ray radiation." We probably wouldn't recommend wearing the last one while walking through your local airport, and it remains to be seen just how efficient these clothes will be when it comes to cloaking your location. But they're likely to be a conversation starter when it comes to privacy discussions, and that's exactly what Harvey is aiming for.