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How Lenovo rose to the top of the PC industry

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Gallery Photo: Lenovo S-Series hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Lenovo S-Series hands-on pictures

Lenovo has turned itself into one of the largest PC manufacturers in just a few short years, but how did the company do it? The Economist has profiled the Chinese OEM, looking at its humble beginnings, the acquisition of IBM’s PC business, and its "Protect and Attack" strategy. The manufacturer managed to gain a strong foothold in China and the international market thanks to a constant barrage of new products along with aggressive retail sales partnerships. Lenovo may have climbed to the top despite the declining PC market, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still challenges to overcome. The manufacturer is still jousting for first place with HP in worldwide PC shipments, and its long term goal is still to generate some healthier profit margins with a wider range of products.