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NYPD to equip prescription drug bottles with GPS to thwart thieves

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Prescription bottle Shutterstock
Prescription bottle Shutterstock

In an effort to combat prescription drug theft, the New York Police Department plans to supply pharmacies with "dummy bottles" that contain GPS tracking devices. "In the event of a robbery or theft, we'll be able to track the bottle, which may lead us to stash locations across the city,'' Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly writes in a speech he'll be giving in California today. Further, Kelly is calling on researchers to examine whether "individual 'bait' tablets could be tracked by GPS."

In addition to the disguised bottles, the NYPD will be visiting area pharmacies and offering advice on how to bolster their security measures. Both initiatives are part of what the city is calling "Operation Safety Cap." Police are also expected to speak at New York City high schools and warn students of the dangers associated with prescription drugs; attempted thefts of drugs like Oxycontin have led to several deaths throughout New York state in recent years.