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Unannounced BlackBerry Z10 shown on video: is this your next touchscreen phone?

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BlackBerry Z10 (Telekom-Presse)
BlackBerry Z10 (Telekom-Presse)

The BlackBerry Z10, widely believed to be the name of RIM's first full-touch BlackBerry 10 device, hasn't yet been announced — that'll happen later this month at an event in New York on January 30th — but units and details are already leaking well in advance of that date. The latest comes from Austrian publication Telekom-Presse, which has posted a seven-and-a-half minute video of what appears to be the Z10's hardware and software in detail. RIM has been very deliberate in leaking a trickle of BlackBerry 10 details since its unveiling last year, but this video might represent the best single look yet and the entire platform.

Though the Z10 recorded by Telekom-Presse looks different than the so-called Dev Alpha models that RIM has been provided to BlackBerry 10 developers over the last several months, it's not a drastically altered look — if you're into the "plain black box" aesthetic, this one should meet your needs. Is this what RIM needs to launch to turn 2013 into a successful year?