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Bill Gates to speak on education in first made-for-TV TED Talk, airing on PBS in April

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Bill Gates TED screengrab
Bill Gates TED screengrab

With over one billion views worldwide, it's fair to say that TED Talks have proven to be a hit on the web. A progression to TV for the thoughtful keynotes seems only natural, and that's just what's going to happen in April when Bill Gates films the first TED Talk produced specifically for television. PBS will air the special — to be focused on education — on April 16th. Social activist and educator Geoffrey Canada will also join Gates on stage when the talk is filmed April 4th. Gates is no stranger to the TED stage; the Microsoft chairman and philanthropist has spoken numerous times at the events, with education serving as a common thread across his appearances. So before the made-for-TV special airs in April, we've included some of those prior addresses below.