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Tesla expanding retail presence with 25 new showrooms in 2013

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tesla supercharger model s
tesla supercharger model s

Emboldened by the success of its Motor Trend Car of the Year Model S, Tesla will be plotting out new retail locations this year. The automaker plans to add 25 showrooms in 2013, just about double the 13 it opened last year. Speaking at the ongoing North American International Auto Show, Tesla's VP of sales George Blankenship revealed that approximately half of those will be located in the United States, with the others scattered across the globe. China is among the international locales that will be receiving a dealership sometime this spring.

Additionally, Tesla also reiterated plans to continue putting in place Supercharger stations throughout the US. Currently it's managed to roll out a paltry eight charging hubs, but insists that it will have both coasts covered within the next few years. Unfortunately the Superchargers remain compatible exclusively with Tesla vehicles, so drivers of other EV cars will need to keep recharging elsewhere.