About that obnoxious full-screen homepage ad...


Look, I love The Verge.

I'm one of those people who normally runs an ad blocker, because too often ads are intrusive, annoying or just slow down the browsing experience. However, I'm also sensitive to the whole "getting content for free" thing. I know that sites rely on ad revenue, so if there's a site that I find myself frequenting then I'll whitelist them in the ad blocker. The Verge is one such site that I have ads turned on for and I'm fine with that.

But this Ford thing taking over my entire browser window to show some Flash movie? Not cool. Normally you'd think that an ad like this would set a cookie so it only shows once, but it's taking over the page on every refresh so I can't even read the front page. Not cool. I trust you guys enough to show ads. But if you're going to let advertisers be this obnoxious, I'm going to block 'em. Come on guys, you're better than this.