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Leap Motion gesture controller will sell through Best Buy in the US over coming months

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Leap Motion
Leap Motion

Leap Motion's gesture control system is currently on pre-order, but when it launches, it will do so through a retail partnership with Best Buy. The company has announced an exclusive US partnership to sell through Best Buy's stores and site, and it will begin taking pre-orders through in February — it'll continue accepting them through its own site as well, especially for non-US customers. The $69.99 device will then ship later in the quarter; CEO Michael Buckwald has previously told us its first official production run could number hundreds of thousands or even millions of units.

Leap Motion has already announced a partnership with Asus to ship bundled with PCs, but this means it'll show up in stores as well, something the company says will help give it a "massive consumer audience." Best Buy, meanwhile, gets exclusive retail rights for one of the most interesting new device makers, a good sign for a struggling retail company. Leap may have other manufacturer partnerships on the table as well, so we could see it bundled with even more products by the time it's released, in addition to these retail sales.