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Apple and Amazon ordered to discuss settlement in 'App Store' infringement case

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Amazon Appstore Android (STOCK)
Amazon Appstore Android (STOCK)

Apple and Amazon have been fighting over the term 'app store' for nearly two years now, but the judge presiding over the case wants the two companies to try and talk it out before the trial is scheduled to begin in August. According to Bloomberg, Amazon and Apple representatives must meet on March 21st to try and reach a settlement; both companies must bring their lead attorneys and people who have the full power to negotiate and possibly settle the case. The case centers around Amazon's use of the term "app store" in its Android marketplace — Apple says the term is an Apple trademark, while Amazon argues that it's a generic term. Recently, the court dismissed Apple's claim that Amazon's use of "appstore" was false advertising, though the broader infringement case is still set to move forward.

This mediation tactic is a similar move to one ordered by Judge Lucy Koh late in the Apple vs. Samsung case. Unsurprisingly, both companies were unable to reach common ground — we'd be surprised if the Apple / Amazon mediations bear different results. We'll find out one way or another in late March.