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First leaked image of HTC's rumored M7 flagship Android phone surfaces

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HTC M7 evleaks
HTC M7 evleaks

You're looking at the first image of what's believed to be HTC's upcoming M7 flagship smartphone. The photo of the Android device's front half (which bears some resemblance to the iPhone 5's rear) comes courtesy of @evleaks at Unwired View, where hardware specifications for the rumored M7 were published last month. It's hard to take away much from the image, though it seems to lend credence to the device being dominated by a 4.7-inch display. HTC has also apparently gone a bit grille-happy with the M7, drilling sets of tiny holes for both the earpiece and microphone.

Curiously, HTC branding is nowhere to be seen, leading Unwired View to conclude we're seeing the device in non-final form. "The render is apparently part of a short animation clip instructing new owners on first-time SIM card installation," says @evleaks. Apart from the two grilles, we also see a front-facing camera and the typical pairing of proximity / light sensors. Unfortunately it looks as though we'll need to wait until Mobile World Congress next month for the full story on hardware specs and HTC's latest Sense software. The company is in dire need of a smartphone capable of drawing consumers after recently posting its lowest profit since 2004.