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Samsung introduces first updates to patch Exynos processor software vulnerability in US

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Galaxy S II
Galaxy S II

Samsung promised in December that it would address a serious security hole in some of its smartphones and tablets running Exynos processors "as quickly as possible," and it looks like the company has begun that process. T-Mobile has released an over-the-air update today to its Galaxy Note II customers that offers "Exynos and other security enhancements." In addition, Sprint has released its own over-the-air update for the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch with unspecified "security updates" that are said to address the Exynos exploit.

The security hole was first discovered in mid-December, when xda-developers users found that malicious apps could gain root access to certain devices on their own accord, leaving user data and other primary phone functions vulnerable. Samsung previously released an update to Galaxy S III devices in the UK to fix the exploit, but multiple models including the international Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Note II remain exposed at this time. The good news is that users will remain safe so long as they limit themselves to downloading popular and well-known applications.

Update: Article modified to clarify that Samsung patched some UK Galaxy S III's earlier this month.