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AT&T adds support for FaceTime on iPhone 4S and other non-LTE devices

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Facetime over LTE
Facetime over LTE

AT&T has once again loosened the reins on using Apple's FaceTime service: it's now allowing customers on any compatible device — not just LTE-capable ones — to video chat while on a mobile network. Over the next couple of weeks, the company will start rolling out the option to people with compatible iOS devices like the 4S, so long as they're on tiered plans rather than grandfathered unlimited ones; the entire expansion is supposed to take a few months, however.

FaceTime has been a point of contention for net neutrality advocates, as it's an example of AT&T cutting off access to an arguably competing service that runs through its network, and the company has recently been attempting to find a balance between allowing calls over it and maintaining control. Users on unlimited plans are the last major group to be left out in the cold; they could access FaceTime over cellular briefly last year, but we wouldn't expect that to be coming back any time soon.