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DARPA program hides care packages at the bottom of the ocean floor

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The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working on a new system to stash important military payloads on the bottom of the ocean floor. The recently-proposed system, dubbed the Upwards Falling Program, would place specialized containers on the sea floor, where they could rest for up to years at a time. They could then be triggered when needed, rising to the surface and delivering their cargo to the appropriate military vessel.

When completed, the UFP could provide non-lethal tools to provide aid for ships or disrupt enemy technologies. DARPA suggests that even unmanned aerial drones could be launched from the capsules, taking off in mere seconds. The agency is seeking proposals in three areas critical to developing the program: a communication medium to talk to the containers, "risers" to contain the payloads themselves, and the actual objects in the payloads. For those interested in making a proposal, DARPA is holding an information session on January 25th.