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Prepaid provider Ting wants your business, will reimburse early termination fees to get it

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Ting, the small wireless provider launched by Tucows last year, is pledging to cover your early termination fee if you'll abandon your current carrier to join the prepaid ranks. The company is setting aside $100,000 worth of funding for the experiment, set to kick off in the month of February. Unfortunately there's one big caveat: you won't be receiving cash (or even a prepaid debit card or the like) if you switch, but instead will earn up to $350 in account credit with Ting. If you've got a family account, the company will dole out a maximum of $350 for each eligible line.

Equally important to remember is that, like other prepaid MVNOs, Ting doesn't offer device subsidies. So while the promotion alleviates some of the headaches associated with switching wireless providers, you'll still need to cough up a decent chunk of cash. Thankfully handset selection has improved notably since Ting got off the ground last year; popular choices like Samsung's Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, and the LG Optimus G have since been added to the company's lineup. If you've been itching to break away from one of the major US carriers and find yourself happy with one of Ting's many monthly packages, it could be an option worth pursuing — so long as Sprint offers decent coverage in your area, of course.