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Watch this: Sony assembles three of its hottest gadgets in just five minutes

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Sony assemble screenshot
Sony assemble screenshot

How long does it take to assemble Sony's latest and greatest consumer gadgets? Just over five minutes, according to a video released by the company. The CES-inspired clip shows individual Sony engineers piecing together (by hand) the Xperia Z, Cyber-shot RX1, and one of its camcorders. There doesn't appear to be any time manipulation happening, and it's genuinely fascinating to see how quickly each device evolves from a collection of tiny parts and screws into the finished retail product. It also reveals that, even when working with a 5-inch 1080p display, Sony had to deal with some pretty tight confines in fitting its new Xperia flagship together. As an added bonus, playing the clip backwards should give you a good indication of how to take these things apart if the need arises — assuming you're the DIY type.