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Chinese manufacturer TCL lands huge 'Iron Man 3' product placement deal

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TCL booth CES 2013
TCL booth CES 2013

Apparently TCL's imposing presence at CES wasn't enough. One of many Chinese manufacturers ratcheting up promotion efforts this year, the company will now be appearing on the silver screen in one of 2013's most anticipated action films, Iron Man 3. Several of TCL's products will be visible in Tony Stark's universe when the film hits theaters May 3rd. A massive 110-inch 4K TV, various mobile handsets, and even TCL's "cloud technology" will get precious screen time during the movie, according to the deal. Bob Sabouni, executive VP of Marvel Studios, says this arrangement marks "the first commercial co-production with huge investment between Hollywood and China." In seeking a promotional partner, Sabouni says Marvel settled upon TCL "for its position as a world-renowned electronics consumer brand with leading innovation capability." Sorry Vizio, it seems Mr. Stark — a fixture of (fictional) American industry — is happy to look outside the US for his gadget needs.