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Mixed-media artist uses recycled computer parts to cross steampunk with Tim Burton

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When our computers outlive their usefulness, we usually send them to the scrap heap, recycle them for further use, or give them away — not artist Anna Dabrowska, who works under the name Finnabair. Her collages are made up of a huge variety of material, but used computer parts figure prominently in many of the pieces. It's not surprising — Finnabair says that she believes "in [the] power of recycling and upcycling," something that comes across in her work. Techgraffiti recently put together an in-depth look at some of the more intricate details in her work — a particular hallmark is the use of non-digital materials to keep the pieces from looking too technologically focused. The pieces are equal parts computer parts and organic material — like buttons, a clock face, or even a dead month — and feel like a cross between steampunk and a Tim Burton-esque dreamscape. The detail shots of Finnabair's mixed-media art are particularly engrossing — it gives a nice view of the unconventional material that makes up these pieces.