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Instagram has 90 million monthly users, denies mass exodus over terms of service

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instagram on iphone
instagram on iphone

Remember that hubbub about Instagram users abandoning the photo sharing app in response to those controversial terms of service? The company says it simply isn't so, and has offered up the numbers to prove it. Instagram says over 90 million people are using the service on a monthly basis, which actually represents a ten percent increase in month-over-month activity, according to AllThingsD. In total, that community posts a stunning 40 million photos every day. These figures seem to largely discredit reports from analytics company AppData last month that suggested Instagram was hemorrhaging users unhappy with its ill-received ToS changes. Yet it appears the company is doing just fine, even as it prepares to move forward with the terms (albeit with the prior version of that pesky advertising section) beginning Saturday. If you don't agree with Instagram's direction at this point, your only real option is to stop using the hugely popular app.