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Kim Dotcom promises 50GB of free storage for Mega service launching on Saturday

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Kanye West Loves Megaupload
Kanye West Loves Megaupload

Kim Dotcom's Mega, the follow-up to Megaupload, is finally set to go live this weekend, and the flamboyant entrepreneur has taken to Twitter to share some details about the new service. Mega will apparently give all users 50GB of free cloud storage, making it a potentially compelling competitor to the likes of Dropbox (2GB free) and SkyDrive (7GB free) — if you're not worried about the service getting shut down like its predecessor, that is.

Dotcom says that his lawyers are working on a way to get MegaUpload users access to their previously stored files and premium status, but it seems impossible right now. On the plus side, Dotcom says that the service is "like time travel," calls it a win for innovation against the US government, and promises to "take you to the future." We'll see if Mega can back up Dotcom's big words this Saturday.