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Kodak previews the S1, its first Micro Four Thirds camera slated for later this year

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kodak s1
kodak s1

JK Imaging, the opportunist upstart that recently licensed Kodak's brand name for a new line of cameras, is wasting little time in exploiting its newfound brand cachet. In a press conference over in China, reps for the company have given the first glimpse of its S1 mirrorless camera — offering the tantalizing prospect of it joining the Micro Four Thirds ranks led by Olympus and Panasonic.

It'll be heartwarming to see Kodak's storied brand continued with a modern slice of photographic technology, but let's not forget that it will be the veneer applied to the work of an otherwise unknown and unproven company. JK Imaging has promised Wi-Fi connectivity, a release in the third quarter of this year, and a cryptic "Best Designed for Smartphone" message on one of its presentation slides. Whether that will all come together in the Kodak S1 to form a compelling and coherent product, as opposed to an unholy mess like the Polaroid iM1836, is anyone's guess.